Rexy Finance

"A Safe Place in an Unsafe World"

Rexy Finance is building an ecosystem for cryptocurrency investors and start-up cryptocurrency projects. At Rexy Finance we believe in safety, forward-thinking ideas and focus only on asymmetric risk-rewards (limited downside with higher potential to the upside). Our Rexy ecosystem is being developed to provide investors with a safe pathway to early cryptocurrency start-ups that have creative ideas and support the development of the blockchain.

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RexyPAD is our launchpad system designed to raise funding and protect our investors from projects that could be scams. RexyPAD attempts to protect investors by strictly screening our launched projects and makes sure the launched projects agree to our regulations which provide increased security for our investors to minimise losses and increase the chance for higher returns. RexyPAD


Our incubator program offers mentorship and support for start-up cryptocurrency projects. The aim of RexyLAB is to accelerate a start-up project’s growth, increase their chance for success and make them self-sufficient.


NFT Market Place

CryptoPunk #1
Floor: 60 ETH
Bored Ape Yacht Club #1643
Floor: 69 ETH
Mutant Ape Yacht Club #10356
Floor: 10 ETH
Monomyth #5669
Floor: 6 ETH
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NFT Marketplace

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